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The Next Generation of Flat Roofing is here – Glass Reinforced Plastic / Fibreglass

What is a GRP / Fibreglass Roof?

A GRP / Fibreglass flat roof is a single ply GRP laminate consisting of roofing resin and chopped strand mat reinforcement applied in situ over a good quality OSB3 deck.The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat available in standard grey or any colour in the BS400 range.

Why choose GRP over traditional bitumous felt products?

Continuous testing of glass reinforced plastic ( GRP ) roofs have shown that we should expect the laminate to last 50 years plus compared to the ten years a felted roof will last if your lucky, also as GRP-Fibreglass roofs are cold applied the need to use dangerous tar pots and blow torches has been removed.  We Install  CURE IT which are BBA APPROVED.


Slate Roofing

If you are looking for a “lifetime” roofing system that will provide superior durability and add a distinctive curb appeal to your home, consider investing in a natural slate roof. For centuries, slate has been highly acclaimed for its natural beauty and remarkable longevity, unmatched by other materials. 

Please click to view the types of slate we can use on your property. Also if you would like any other information on the pros and cons of slate roofing click here

Tile Roofing

Concrete and clay tiles are manufactured in a wide array of colours, from light shades to dark or multi-coloured, making it easy to coordinate your roof with exterior colours. Roof tiles can match any architectural style required for the building structure. They are designed to emulate traditional barrel style or other roofing materials such as wood and slate.

If you would like to know more information on tile roofing click here and take a look at the benefits.

Leadwork & Velux Windows

Lead is a material that yields easily as it’s both soft and malleable. This means it can be bossed into a multitude of different shapes and as well as that rolled lead sheeting is extremely durable, potentially lasting for up to 100 years. It’s resistant to corrosion and this means that your roof is safe regardless of the various weather conditions over the years. 

Velux Windows allows more light to your attic and allows you to control temperature in your home. Few more benefits on Velux Windows.

Fascias Soffits & Gutters

The Importance of Fascias and Soffits

Fascias & Soffits provide an attractive and long lasting way of keeping your roof space protected from the elements and any small creatures which might like to take up residence there too. We have extensive experience in the installation and replacement of soffits and fascias to a variety of properties.


Fascias –The board fitted over the end of the rafters

Soffits – The board fitted to the underside of overhanging eaves

Fascias and soffits are one of the most important external features of any property, providing protection for your roof and home. Despite this, they are very often neglected, left to rot and deteriorate, with many home owners thinking that their purpose is purely an aesthetic one.