Workmanship Guarantee

1.In addition to its statutory obligations Roofing complete southwest Ltd (‘the Company’) guarantees the works against faulty materials and workmanship after installation as follows:

a.All materials and products relating to the installation of new roofs and/or new UPVc products (fascia, soffits, guttering) are fitted by the Company in accordance with the relevant manufacturer guidelines; however, any defects that arise that are found to be caused by defective workmanship are guaranteed by the Company from the date of completion as follows:
Slate roofs are guaranteed for 3 years
Rubber roofs are guaranteed for 3 years
Fibreglass roofs are guaranteed for 3 years
Tiled roofs are guaranteed for 3 years
Fascia, soffits, guttering installations guaranteed for 3 years
b.Materials and products supplied and installed by the Company carry a manufacturer’s guarantee. All information regarding the manufacturer’s guarantees can be passed on to the customer on receipt of final payment.
c.Roof repairs are guaranteed on an individual basis as agreed with the Customer at the time of quoting and will be confirmed on the final invoice. Only the section of roof that has been repaired is guaranteed. The Company will not be liable for any remedial work required should a defect arise in a section of roof that has not been repaired by the Company.

2.This guarantee is conditional on the works being adequately and properly maintained and does not cover any physical damage caused by misuse, impact, abrasion, or cleaning with a non-proprietary chemical. Defects arising from general wear and tear are not guaranteed. Damage caused by weather is not covered under this guarantee.

3.Any work carried out to the roof after installation by anyone other than the Company, or without the prior approval of the Company, may invalidate the guarantee.
Notice of any claim under this guarantee must be made in writing to the Company within fourteen days of the alleged defect becoming apparent.

4.This guarantee is not transferable unless requested in writing and agreed to by the Company, and is subject to an administration fee, which will be advised by the Company at the time of the request.


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